Would you Like to Create Magic Beyond Logic

Would you Like to Create Magic Beyond Logic

Would you gift yourself success? Do you approve of yourself? Are you where you wish to be? You would gift you the life you wish to create if you approve of yourself as you are the god of your own universe! Check out this YouTube video where Nila walks you through exercises to be the energy of Success. Link is at the end.

Success is all about being in synchrony with the energy of your desires. In 12 Techniques to Attract Success, Nila will hand you simple, effective techniques to create the energy of what you deem as Success. Once you are the source of Success, the Universe amplifies it manifold.

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This is the 3rd class in the 12 techniques series. Check out the previous ones:

12 Techniques to Develop Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities

12 Techniques to Increase the Money Flow


“I am so glad to share i did first session of SGF today, it was mind blowing experience. We shifted mountains. Received So much awareness on body shaming and having body at all. It was priceless moment when she took her after selfie and screamed with joy looking at that. She looked different. Felt different, What magic of  you can you unleash when you shine your true light? Thank you Nila for this amazing creation. It was so joyful to perform this session. Universe  can I have more of that please?”

You are made of Stardust!

Be the star you truly are and shine on! Let go of all limitations of lack and ordinariness and radiate the inner glow of your being! A rare chance to do the Star Glow Facial with Elements of Light – Certified LIVE with Nila. A facial minus chemical, with light elements that not just improves your skin physically, but also permeates deep to let you radiate your light. You can also get Certified in this amazing process and brighten up your business. Get your pampering routine here:


A Mystical Journey

Join Nila in this Awareness Development call to journey to the mystical land of Egypt. This ancient land has held the intrigue of mankind and is still awaiting us to unravel its secrets. In Activating the Magic of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Nila will take you to the land of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to activate their magic and yours too. She will teach you fun exercises to tap into the ancient symbols and receive their wisdom.

A Share from a previous Awareness Development Circle:

“Amazing Nirmala, I could see lot of angels, some known gurus like shridi baba , hanumanji, sankaracharya, swamiji and so on..thanks a lot”

Activate your magic here:


Did you attend the Manifest through Breath Masterclass? It got some amazing feedback:

“This was incredibly powerful. I could feel my consciousness expanding and the energy rising to my crown chakra. Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditative experience”

“I had a great experience so much of energy and vibrations around my body.”

Purchase the recording where Nila walks you through a powerful exercise to use breathwork to create possibilities:

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  1. Release the resistance to Money
  2. Release poverty consciousness
  3. Release money worries

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. They are available here:


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