Would you like to have food as your body’s best buddy?

Would you like to have food as your body’s best buddy?

How are you doing?

Would you like more clarity? Are you a fan of access consciousness clearing? You are in luck! Video is at the end.

Food as your buddy?

How many of you have starved your body in the name of dieting? How often do you run away from the food your body is asking for? What if you can stop all that now?

What if you can have food as your body’s best friend? What if you can be totally aware of your body’s requirements and ingest the right food, in the right amount suitable for your body? Would you like to explore the possibility? Join us on Gorgeous You on Thursday:


Light Key journey

Journeying with Light Keys (17-20th July)

1) The talk on ‘Empowerment is an inside job’ for Holy Cross college students in Nagercoil, India was received very well. I had so many appreciation messages. Didn’t quite expect! Will have it in YouTube soon.

2) ‘Ease with School’ was fun with kids and adults. Children, of course, received the Ease and Grace protocol very well. Adults found it very effective too. This is the message I got from a 7-year-old after the class:
“My precious Date n walnut cake for my really cute Gem!!!!”

How did I get so lucky? 🙂 You can still join us:

3) I ran the Light Medicine level 2 recording yesterday and slept really long. I can’t even say it was sleep… it was deeper. Today when I wore my top, I felt my body had shrunk and my team member also asked me whether I had lost weight. One of the questions from the audience (college students and faculty) was how I kept myself slim (well, the talk was on Empowerment). The point is, Light Medicine does wonders… if you missed it, time to get it now, perhaps 🙂


4) After a long time, I published some Access clearing in YouTube from my old class. Hope Access fans find it useful.

5) Writing the manual for ‘Conscious and Prosperous Healer’. Flowing well… I wonder whether I should have named it ‘Conscious and Prosperous carer’ as it is applicable for everyone.


6) An Intermediate class with Arabic translation has been created on 29th July 2020. You are welcome to join, if this calls you too.


7) I do facilitator’s class even if one person asks for it. We announced a few classes just like that and the response has been phenomenal. Grateful!

8) In the Awareness Development Circle, we visited ascension temple. It was awesome!

9) Our remote healing work is being received really well. Here is another feedback from the family of a suicidal young man:
“I got a big gratitude note for everyone here. Say there’s miracles happening with him. Every day he returns to life, so much – he also did his first travel out of city the other day, this is a huge step!”

I recommend you to give it a try!

10) Here is a feedback on Conscious Body Protocol:
“This was very intense and very amazing. The subject and me, we both released so much, the whole session we kept yawning. it was a great experience. thank you for the gift you be.”

You can get the recording, if you like:

Clarity with ease – Access consciousness clearing

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