Are you claiming your crown?

Are you claiming your crown?

If you have been following us for a while, you might be wondering what is all this fuss around ‘Light Key Expert Healer’ class! Why are we going bonkers about it? Why so many pre requisites? Why so many levels? And… we get it!

‘Light Key Expert Healer’ series is an advanced training which enables healers to do powerful processes and attunements. Just like you wouldn’t expect a kindergarten student to solve calculus, we wouldn’t expect novices without a certain level of energetic and physical preparation to engage with these energies. It just wouldn’t be kind to them.

Why are we going bonkers?! Just watch this beautiful share to know for yourself. When so many lives are being facilitated to be recreated with choice, we always have wonderful souls willing to assist whoever is looking for transformation. Here is the video:

Why so many levels?! This one is a no brainer.. We have so many expert healers waiting to level up and contribute! They demand and Nila downloads.

Let’s cut the chase. We are offering ‘Expert Unleashed – 2 LIVE classes:
Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 1 [happening today]! and Expert Healer; and 1 recorded training: Activating the Crystal Chamber in your Brain at a discount of almost 69$! Wait no more and claim your inner potential with Expert Unleashed

Psst.. CPH L1 (Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 1) is happening today. You might want to get on it LIVE!
Usher in the energies of spring with some Energetic ‘Spring Cleaning’! Ever wondered why there is no summer, winter or autumn cleaning? Maybe there is some intuitive intelligence at play here.

Spring is the King of all seasons, known to usher in good health and new life. In any case, we got you covered! Heal with the wisdom of the Buddha and the Mother of the Buddha – Green Tara! Bathe in the wonderful healing energies with 3 transmissions – Medicine Buddha, Laughing Buddha and Green Tara to heal deeply and release the roots of illnesses, suffering and invite joy and protection!

Check the calendar for the 3 transmission dates and book them all at a special price. Click on the event which calls out to you to know more:

You can also heal yourself with the Advanced Protocol for Healing with Medicine Buddha Energy. Get certified and use this beautiful energy for clients too!

Have you done the crowd puller course yet? If you finally want to drop the hide and seek you have been playing with life and live all out, go get this course to show up.

Not convinced? Here is another reason to do it just yet. Facilitator Suguna is leading a FREE Crowd Puller practice sessions! Do the course and hop on! It’s time to pull up the curtains and take center stage in life.

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What more magic can we create together?

In Appreciation of you,
Team IH