Be the light – blessings from source of light!

Be the light – blessings from source of light!

How have you been?

We are excited… having just begun the celebration –  Celebration of light – the very light within you, within each one of us.

Festival of Light celebration commenced with an amazingly divine meditation led by Nila – Meditation with light for more brightness and lightness. Just few hours before the meditation, Nila announced that the session has expanded itself and included a healing with Dr. Mosho, the spirit doctor and blessings from Source of Light! Lucky participants – wouldn’t you say!

Couple from the many feedbacks 😊:

“I cant explain the experience from today’s body was vibrating even after the healing for long.. and a very visible glow on my face.. eyes and face are brightened up. Its phenomenal.. I am sure next 10days will be life transforming as light keys are!”

“I am feeling more peaceful as all my negative energy and feelings are cleansed out. Wonderful session today and thanks to Nila for offering this 11 day festival. It is such a great way to get ready for a healthy and prosperous New Year!”

And .. it gets better.

Yesterday, Dec 14th, we had an amazing Joyous body healing Session led by Light Key facilitators Smriti and Shifra! Participants have experienced so much healing in their body and being that the gratitude messages keep pouring in!

“Smriti and Shifra that was beautiful.. Very lively facilitation, quite engaging..Thanks all for the beautiful gift.. cant believe it’s one year of light keys.. as if it was just yesterday when we met Nila in Mumbai”

“Thank you for the beautiful JBP session!  A perfect follow up to yesterday with Nila.  Thank you to everyone who sent the session”

And it gets even better!

A surprise awaits you from today’s session  – Dissolve limitation with Light Matrix – led by Light Key facilitators, Sunali and Antara!

Starting today, every day throughout the festival, the facilitators will be offering gifts to a lucky few of the live participants. In addition, you can win grand festival prizes by sharing your authentic experiences in any social media – WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Please make sure Nimi_IH profile is tagged in FB.

You now have the possibility of being one of the lucky winners… what surprise gift awaits you, we wonder! 😊More details soon.

You can still join the party to receive the recordings and gifts:

One more gift from us to you..

Are you enjoying the free Light Key course in Udemy? What grand contribution can this be for you?

Before we sign-off.

Relax and receive contributions from Source of light to give you the courage to shine your light. This guided meditation by Nila is all about shining our own light.


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In appreciation of you,
IH team