Beginning Today – Get the World To Take Notice

Beginning Today – Get the World To Take Notice

We are beginning the Shine Festival today and we are so excited! Read on if you would like the world to finally take notice of your true glow!

What is this fest? It is about becoming more of you. What does that look like? You are you after all!

Shine Festival is all about altering the energetics that get in the way of your self- expression, or achieving your heart’s desires, or becoming more of you. Taking a few commonplace scenarios.

You wish to be successful, which also entails earning and managing a lot of money, but you resist paperwork and taxation; would that allow you to flourish to your full potential? We have a session you can receive in real time and also play later to begin to dissolve these blocks – Clearing Energy Blocks with Expert Healers Suguna, Tamanna and Winnie.

Oftentimes, you might not be aware of the unconsciousness from this or any lifetime, that might be getting in the way of your shine. The Shine Transmission From the Source of Light by Nila will get this unconsciousness out of the way with energy transmission from the source.

These are the sessions happening on the first day.

Day 2:

Let go of all the masks you donned for any reason in any lifetime to not be visible and hide your shine. You might or might not be aware of all the places you have buried your shine and hidden your glow. A mini Star Glow Facial by Expert Healers Tamanna, Suguna and Winnie will get all those blindfolds off!

Get on a journey to higher realms to embrace your unique spiritual gifts! Shining into Other Realms – Awareness Development Journey by Nila is going to take you places.

Day 3:

Is aging holding you back from living it up? What have you given up in the name of aging?! Anti aging JBP session by Expert Healers Winnie, Tamanna and Suguna will help you zap out the lies of aging you have bought in to.

What terms, conditions and attributes you have decided upon that filter out all your potential clients and block your reach? Whom are you unwilling to receive from? The crowd puller session by the magic lady Nila herself, who has reached over thousands herself can help you open up to all the places you had shut out your potential clients and customers!

These sessions are spread over 3 days. You can join in for just a day or all the 3, at a special discounted price.

You will get life time access to recordings of all the sessions you opt for.

“I participated in How to be Crowd Puller with Nila Raju, When all the significance was removed about Pulling crowd, not pulling crowd, etc I realized I m neutral with people. All my earlier reservation around people have shifted. I’m grateful to know I have a CHOICE in whether I wish to work with some one or not. I was resisting a client big time. After the clearings – Today was first meeting, she is offering me a project to write her book, Another website designer has asked me for content creation. Hdigabtt?
” I could feel the facial even though I was sending it out, Interesting, I had burns on my face from a new skin care product and the redness from the burns are greatly improved! Wow”

You can receive Divine Healing Transmission from the Ancients

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