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What’s beyond past and future?

How have you been? Would you like to receive money which someone owes you for long – with ease? How do you feel when you believe someone has deceived you?  Would you like to step up from that stuck space? In this video, Nila walks you through a simple exercise to help you move to ...

Find your inner strength to heal yourself

How have you been? A question to trigger your awareness - Where and when did you decide that you are weak? Does this question remind you of an age when you first felt it? Would you like to clear it and move forward. Get facilitated by Nila, along with Susan, in this gifted facilitation. Link ...

Is healing an avoidance?

What is healing for you?  Are you trying to avoid what is here? Is there a difference between suppression and letting go? Curious to know more? Click the link given at the end & enjoy the insightful views from Nila on this topic – gives goosebumps! Are you willing to receive from your body and ...

Have you divorced your body?

This is Nila writing to you, this time  How have you been? Well, it was all going to be an innocent repeat class of Conscious Embodiment on 20th April. But a group of potential creators showed up in  'Getting over the past, finally' call rewrote the future. After that class, I did a private session ...

How many worlds are you carrying!

How have you been? Ready to immerse in beautiful facilitation from Nila to another beautiful being? The facilitation opens with Aviva wanting to get rid of her shoulder pain - the way Nila leads her to acknowledge the energetic root cause is astounding!  Watch, let go and acknowledge yourself – that little bit more today! ...

Choose to manifest consciously!

How have you been? The Advanced Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing class created quite a stir – a complete wow-er! Just a couple of hours before the class, Nila announced an added bonus to all participants -  'De-cluttering the body with space clearing protocol'. You never know when inspiration strikes! A touching share from ...

Choose to manifest consciously!

How have you been? Did you know that any extra mass in your body is usually related to not being able to let go of the shame you are carrying? Would you like to hear more on this? We present to you a powerful facilitation - hitting home hard truths not only for the receiver ...

Would you like to have the earth as your physician?

How have you been? Just ask ‘How am I treating myself?’ and observe what are you aware of. Sometimes it's easier to observe how you are treating others – it’s ironic that it’s a reflection of how you are treating yourself! Are you willing to change your reality and have a harmonious relationship with others ...

What do you do with anger?

How have you been? Shall we discuss anger? In our reality, anger is seen as wrongness. We hear you say – and that’s right! According to Access Consciousness, ‘anger’ energy could mean you are sensing demons or you may be detecting other people’s lie or it might mean your potency is coming out!  Wow. How ...

Are you tired of being controlled?

How have you been? “Gratitude is a game-changer” -  Most of us have heard this, some of us believe it while a very few really live it . Most times gratitude is associated with a transaction – and it isn’t really easy to go into the space of gratitude, for some of us. What if ...
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