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Inspiring story of Odelia!

This is Nila. How have you been? Are you treating yourself well? Are you enjoying your body? Recently I had a gift coaching call and Bhavisha asked me to facilitate her on embracing the body. It was an interesting session. This is what she messaged after the session: “Thank you so much Nila for the ...

Breaking free from the past!

How have you been? Are you the one creating your life or is it your past? Woh – That packed a punch?! Are you wondering if it is really possible to let go of the past and is it ‘fair’ to just let go? Someone wise said - “Holding on is believing that there's only ...

Lightness with Family!

How have you been? We wish you all a very happy and prosperous New year! How are you enjoying the holiday season with family and friends? If anything, this pandemic has also given many of us the luxury to stay close with family. If you are going ‘Enjoyment and family in the same line? Nah!!’, ...

Gratitude gift from Nila to you!

How have you been? Hope you had a lovely Christmas filled with light and lightness!! Wow – What an amazing 11-day journey of the festival of Lights! Wednesday(23/12) marked the final session of Festival of lights celebration 2020. You know the feeling you get when all your family members join together for a grand function ...

Kindness with money!

How have you been? 11 days of magic passed so quickly! The sessions got better and better - The shifts people experienced just amazed us! Sharing just a few feedback from the tremendous pour of shares: "I have never experienced so much peace in each n every cell of my body.. This will remain my ...

Light key Santas are here!

How have you been? Have you wondered what does it take to become an enlightened person?🙂Nila has been asked this question many a times and she answers to the same beautifully and authentically, in this video. A sweet bonus – this video also allows you to experience a short fascinating exercise to shine your heart! ...

Be the light – blessings from source of light!

How have you been? We are excited… having just begun the celebration –  Celebration of light – the very light within you, within each one of us. Festival of Light celebration commenced with an amazingly divine meditation led by Nila - Meditation with light for more brightness and lightness. Just few hours before the meditation, ...

My encounter with the Spirit Doctor

How have you been? I wanted to share an interesting recent experience with you today. Two days back, when I went to bed, I could not sleep and I sensed a high vibrational being near me. He introduced himself as Mosho, the spirit doctor. He said he wanted to impart his knowledge of Chinese medicine ...

Our gift of Peace, Joy & Abundance

How have you been? A good news! It’s the Christmas season and we are gifting everyone a FREE Energy Healing Tutorial on Udemy. May the Light Keys bring you Peace, Joy and Abundance this December and beyond! In less than 48 hours, this course has reached 37 countries speaking 13 languages. Very thrilled! You can ...

Session to heal hurt feelings!

How have you been? “If you want to heal the world, start by healing yourself” -Kris Cahill. Ready to experience that healing? Looking for a way to let go of the past hurts which prevent you from moving ahead? Join Nila in this ‘session to change hurt feelings’, where she guides the participant into a ...
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