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Do you want to heal your loved ones?

One question many people ask is how to change the life/limitation of their loved ones & whether using the healing techniques they can change the behaviour of their loved ones – most of the time it is about their children. I understand that it is almost compulsive for parents to step in when their children ...

The tower that challenged me

What magic is unfolding for you? This is Nila writing to you, this time. I would like to share something special with you. There stood this 110 ft tall tower with 133 steps in the middle of the forest challenging me to climb up for a beautiful view. I have shied away from climbing since ...

10 simple strategies to feel better

When you feel low, try any of the following strategies and feel better immediately: Ask yourself 'What if this situation changes magically as I desire?' and write in detail how you will feel if it happens, how your environment will be, how your posture will be etc - use your imagination and write down even ...

Gifts of Magic

Do you have little twinkle toes bubbling with energy and learning the ropes of handling enthusiasm, disappointment and emotions? Do you have clients nurturing them? Would you like to contribute to the little ones around the world? Nila brings out the first-ever book on Light keys - ROCKY LEARNS MAGIC  It is a light hearted story of ...

Another gift – Light matrix audio to transmute intensity

How have you been? Eid Mubarak to all of you. “If you emanate loving kindness into the world- it changes everything.” – Eckhart Tolle. How about using kindness to change the mass panic due to COVID? Curious? We invite you to join us to build a web of kindness around the world - to contribute towards ...

Ease the Mass Panic

How have you been? Has fear been limiting you in these COVID times? Nila recently did a video where she walked the participants through a Waves of Kindness journey to gift and receive kindness. The waves of kindness created a universe of kindness that is available to anybody asking for it. Would you nurture you ...

Gift of Holistic well being

Like we mentioned last time, Nila has announced free light key blessings from our wonderful facilitators Suguna, Elaine and Jyoti. The first session on Friday was loved and received with lots of gratitude. It is happening every Friday, all of May. Here is a share ‘Clearly got the effect, lighthearted, lightness, more energy and focus. ...

Light Key Blessings for you!

How have you been? We have wonderful news. Thank you for your ask that created this. Nila has announced Free Light key Blessings by Expert Healers Elaine, Jyoti, and Suguna every Friday, all of May. What are blessings, you may ask. Blessings are energy transmissions which can create magical shifts in your life. They bring ...

Stress relief with relaxation exercises

How have you been?Do you like to receive magical gifts? Nila has gifted a free Udemy course ‘Stress Relief with relaxation exercises’. The course has 3 guided relaxation exercises and a Light key frequency to create more light and lightness in your universe! What contribution can this course be to you? It is free and ...

Experience the Magic of Kindness

How have you been? What have you magicians been up to? Sometime back, Nila had announced a free call for all the graduates of Basic Light Key Frequencies; using light key frequencies for attracting money. She loves gifting people. It was received so well that it transformed into the Light Key Protocol for Attracting Money, ...
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