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Get an energy boost with Red Angel !

How have you been? Are you ready for some magic? Nila says magic is really simple however we complicate it. Difficult to comprehend? We invite you to experience the Red angel energy and see how easy it is to embrace lightness. A Light key practitioner shared “I’m in my 4th month, and past two days ...

Releasing toxic shame!

How have you been? Are you ready for some deep work? Brave enough to see things for what they are? When there are times you challenge yourself to achieve more - ever wondered whose standards you are comparing yourself with? If it’s your parents, for e.g., whom do you think they would have brought their ...

Are you strangling your business?

How have you been? You may ask can someone really strangle their own business?!  We invite you to play along with the questions in the below video and observe how you could be hindering your own progress – mostly unconsciously. While visualizing abundance helps attract prosperity, Nila explains how space from which you are desiring ...

Exercise to choose what you desire!

How have you been? Have you felt - really felt - the air molecules on your skin, they might have travelled half the world just to be with you?  The food that you consume every day  – ever wondered how many people are involved in growing it, cultivating it, transporting it?  So many things to ...

What if Earth can show you the treasures?

How have you been?  This is Nila again and back with another magic story for you. Can the Earth show you treasures? If you are a skeptic like me, you may want to read on… Since yesterday, I have been having so much awareness all day along for the call 'Synchronizing the body with Earth ...

Light Key blessing for ease!

How have you been? How would you like to receive blessings for ease? Light Key blessings are an energetic contribution to someone, from a higher vibrational space. Recently Nila shared her experience post a course of blessing - “I am doing 11-day blessings of ease for someone (on 8th day). Their life totally changed already- ...

Ascended Rose of Kindness!

How have you been? This is Nila writing this time! Hope you have started the new year with lots of love and light! I wanted to share an interesting experience with you. I was doing a blessing for a young man who has been depressed for a long time with a history of drug abuse.  ...

Let go of your identities!

How have you been? Have you ever lost someone you love – to someone else? Has this painful experience instilled fear - say a fear, that someone else will be chosen over you? Has this fear been ruling or should we ask ‘ruining’ your life? We invite you to watch a fascinating facilitation to shift ...

Forgiveness is freedom!

How have you been? Are you someone who gets hurt easily? Do you actually want to forgive but believe the hurt is so deep it’s not ‘easy’ to let-go of resentments? What if we tell you it still is a choice to forgive. Difficult to comprehend? We invite you to watch this video in which ...

Are you in love with your limitations?

How have you been? When you expect love from someone and you do not receive it – say repeatedly, what do you do? Instead of the common response of feeling hurt, holding resentments  -  are you ready to try something different? Ready to pivot? This video is a gold mine of tips to pivot your ...
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