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Are you willing to be valuable?

How have you been? Are you willing to be seen and received? Willing not wishing Enjoy a beautiful facilitation by Nila where she asks leading questions around the willingness to be seen and to be received - which helps bring things to your awareness. When you are aware, you have a choice to let it ...

A gift class from Nila

How have you been? Are you someone who usually evaluates the worth of something before choosing it? Isn’t this common behaviour, we hear you ask. Ever wondered what would you create when you just follow your heart? We invite you to try a small exercise, from the video, to find out if you are creating ...

My magical manifestation story!

Nila writing this time. How have you been? Have you heard of my story about how I specifically manifested a living space with Magnolia tree? I like to play - a lot - just like a child! We had a 21-day manifestation game in the group and I was asking for a home with home ...

How to have balance in life!

How have you been? Everything in life is a result of choice(s) we make – consciously or sometimes unconsciously. If this sounds like some spiritual talk – read on to see how a brave woman and her two daughters consciously chose to handle a traumatic situation! It really is a choice! A share that brought ...

Algorithm of self-evaluation!

How have you been? If you are someone who likes to evaluate the value of everything you own, the video below will definitely interest you. Nila shares her insights about how this might mean that every time you desire something, you would be sub-consciously evaluating yourself through the algorithm to check if you are worth ...

Grounding to feel calmer and stronger!

How have you been? Would you like to experience and enjoy some calmness and strength in your body? If you feel scattered or feel like escaping the current moment, maybe it's time to connect to your body and planet – to invite more ease in your universe. How to connect? Choose grounding – deeper grounding. ...

Relax deeply like never before!

Is pandemic lockdown easing at your place? How have you been?  Would you like to enjoy some deep relaxation? If yes, this video is a gift – truly! How would it be to receive kindness from you – willing to give yourself that permission?   Nila leads you to become aware of the inherent kindness ...

Ease with body!

How have you been? Have you observed that some of us in our quest for spiritual transformation often overlook our bodies or vilify them  “What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries, and magic of life?” – Gary Douglas. Willing to explore this possibility? We invite you to listen to ...

How the power of allowance expands my business!

How have you been? How have you been? This is Nila this time. I had to write to you to share how the universe is helping me with my business In the beginning of the year, I playfully asked to double the business. Since then the enquiries for my IT business is growing and my ...

What gifts can you receive from the Planet?

How have you been? Did you know you can receive from our planet earth as much as you can receive from your mom? If your mom is rich like the planet, would you not be demanding to receive from her? What if you can receive the same way from mother earth too? However, you would ...
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