Create a space that attracts prosperity!

Create a space that attracts prosperity!

How have you been?

Who is the source of creation of your life – past experiences or you? A profound question, right? Leads you to uncover if the past still has a hold on you! If you are wondering how to let go of the past conditioning, Nila has created an Access Consciousness clearing loop, which might be of great help. Link to the same at the end.

Space clearing – An advanced Light key protocol

Everything around you, especially your home mirrors your inner self. So by changing your home, you always change the possibilities in your own life. – Karen Kingston

Did you know that emotions / memories of the residents get imprinted on the wall/ objects of the house. This is similar to settling of dust. Whilst you would be able to see the dust, you may not be able to see the energetic imprints- nevertheless they are there. This is interesting but not surprising as we feel energetically high when go to certain places while not so good at others.

This is because space can be corrupted with dense emotions, memories or even with beings that cling on to that space. If the land on which the building sits had been abused, the energy might still be there. What if we can release density and instill lightness, prosperity and vitality in the space we live in with ease?

We invite you to the Space clearing class, where you can learn a great deal to create a space that vibrates so high for prosperity and harmony to step in. What doors of possibility will this open for you?

Vortex of light meditation Free !

Nila is gifting a free Vortex of Light meditation to people who have received the attunement. If you like to be part of this powerful meditation, led by Nila, guided by Goddess Isis and Arch Angel Metatron. Please register:

It is her awareness that Vortex of Light is bringing in huge amount of light and lightness into the planet and likes to facilitate this possibility to everyone who is interested in evolving. If you have not received attunement yet, you can still receive attunements from Nila or facilitators and join the free meditation.

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Lightlogues – October

This week lightlogue is in your My Accounts section. Colour it and enjoy your conversation with light. Would you like to initiate your conversation with light?

Breaking free from past – Access Consciousness


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Magic with vortex of light – Healing the invisible wounds

Level 1 Light Medicine Practitioner Certified Course

Going beyond the greatest of addictions (Part 2)(Choosing your infiniteness beyond definitions)

Advanced Light Key Blue Print Course (Certified)


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