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Gift yourself the Sweetness of Intimacy!

Gift yourself the Sweetness of Intimacy!

This is Nila writing to you after a long time.

Let’s talk about intimacy this time, right?

All of us wear several masks and depending on the person we interact with, we take off certain masks and keep some. For me, intimacy is all about feeling free to be yourself with someone else – by taking off the most masks we have. The more masks you receive, the better you are able to receive from the person & contribute to the person. Each mask is a limitation, a hurdle to oneness.

What if intimacy does not just have to be with one person? What if you can have intimacy – that is, being your authentic yourself with the plants, planets, starts and even the energy of money?

Would you like to explore more? I have done a video on this. Link is given at the end. Please feel free to share it with friends and family.

Also, we have a basic protocol class with me tomorrow on intimacy which does not have any pre-req. I invite you to join and start allowing the sweetness of intimacy in every area of your life:

Here is what a practitioner said this morning:

“I have already done Intimacy Protocol. Yesterday I decided to repeat with manual. In the morning new contacts appeared and old ones immediately cancelled the meetings.

Concerning tomorrow’s Intimacy Protocol, I am very interested in Nila’s words:

You are in great desire to meet your twin flame but maybe he is not incarnated in this reality? 😉

I am in deep interest…”

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In appreciation of you,
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