Join the Collaboration Call to Expand Your Practice

Join the Collaboration Call to Expand Your Practice

Have been receiving the magic of the Festival of Kindness? Only last few days are remaining of this magical 11 day feast for the body and being. The audience has been loving every moment of the kindness attunement, Kindness JBP sessions, healing memories, inviting abundance with kindness!

Go to Nila Mystic TV, subscribe and hit the bell icon, to be notified. You can still catch some replays and attend live sessions. You can also browse through videos of facilitations, transmissions and blessings, clearings and so much more – all powerful tools that can turn your life around .

Here is the link for Nila Mystic TV

It’s raining JBP
JBP practitioners, gear up and rejoice! Nila is leading the JBP expansion call on the 8th April where she will share pointers to

  • Expand Your Practice.
  • Set up your practice on various platforms like Fiverr, Groupon, etc.
  • Collaborate and Create – offer JBP to NGOs and organizations.
  • Use Social Media to Grow Your Practice.

You will find the link in your ‘My Account’ section on the Infinite Healing website.

We are all set to welcome practitioners to the Facilitators’ tribe on the 8th April.

Seems like, JBP is all set to spread love around the world this year. Go here to know more about becoming a Facilitator:

Drop the Buzz Around Your Body

Are you enjoying your body? How well do you know it?

You course through your life in your body. You are born in it, you evolve with it. You feel and experience your life through the body. The body is a gift fro Mother Earth to you that enables your being to experience the various energies of this planet and reality.

Yet, how much do you really know about the body? How much do you listen to your body? Are you kind to it? Do you honor it?

Get aware of a new paradigm and a new way of being with your body with ‘Health and Body Intensive’ calls with Nila.

In this 4 call series, Nila will facilitate the group to enable them to achieve communion and ownership with the body.

Are you ready to drop all lies of and about the body and reclaim the knowing of your being?

Get started here. You can buy individual calls too and all 4 calls at a discount so that you save 23$

Here is feedback from the Creation Calls:
“Grateful to you Nila.. ❤️. I have attended your session for the first time on 13th so much of energy shift happened in my body i could feel it .😍I was watching your you tube channel and have used your videos for myself and for was really amazing. Thank you for the session and the videos..🙏❤️💐🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️”

“Thank you so much, dear Nila, for today’s wonderful class for future healers. Precious and priceless gift.. 🙂❤️🌹 ” “thank you so much, magnificent wizard that you are..”

The next level in JBP!

Joyous Body Protocol – Level 1 is happening next week. It takes the magic of JBP, frequencies and vortices, sprinkles in some grace of the Earth and the Divine and voila! You have a new expanded version of JBP.

Go here to know more about the class:

This class has pre requisites and to make it easy for you, they are on discount. Get a Spring Upgrade below:

Here is what practitioners have to say about JBP Level 1
“floating in space…need the milky way frequency do go back the energy is amazing, thank you so very much for everything”

“Thank you so much Nila, this is a new level of Magic”

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