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Light Key Blessings for you!

Light Key Blessings for you!

How have you been?

We have wonderful news. Thank you for your ask that created this. Nila has announced Free Light key Blessings by Expert Healers Elaine, Jyoti, and Suguna every Friday, all of May.

What are blessings, you may ask.

Blessings are energy transmissions which can create magical shifts in your life. They bring well-being in all life areas such as health, prosperity, relationships, and the list goes on.

Here are some experiences we got:

“Inspired by your amazing shifts, I started swapping with Elaine to experience the magic and I feel lots of things opening for me, blocks that kept me holding shifting away, I feel more sense of self trust and self-worth. Thanks Elaine.”

“This is an amazing gift to have. The Light Key Blessings and Attunements have been a gift to my clients, creating many shifts. It leaves me feeling so happy and grateful”

Why would you miss this? 

If you would love to be blessed more often, then we have Light Key Blessings by Facilitator. What magic can these blessings bring to you? To create more light and lightness, book blessings sessions with our facilitators. 

If this has intrigued you, then here is a little bit more about ‘The Expert Healer course’ that enables you to do blessings and attunements for your clients in magical ways. Please do visit us here 

Have you mastered receiving?

We ask you this again because opening up to receive can create joyful expansion in your life. Paths open up, blocks clear out, and possibilities pop up where there were none before.

What can receiving create for you? What possibilities can open up where none existed? What have you been unwilling to receive, which if you did, would create the life that you have always dreamt of? What desires can this actualize for you?

If it strikes a chord then jump in this workshop Starting in few hours with Nila ‘Exponentialize your Receiving’ with Nila 

Getting Intimate

What does Intimacy mean to you? What does it bring up for you? Where have you created separation and blocked the receiving that comes with Intimacy? What if you could dissolve this aloofness and receive from the Universe. Could this create a partner for you? Or a baby? The Advanced Light Key Protocol for Intimacy enables you to embrace the power of your creative sexual energy using advanced Light Key processes and frequencies. And you can get certified too to bring this beautiful nurturing energy in your clients’ lives. 

The course has pre requisites, so do check them out on the course page and fulfill them. There is still time.

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Did you happen to check out Nila’s gifted course ‘Stress Relief with Relaxation Exercises’ yet? Just in case you missed it, here is the link again for you: 
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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH Team