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Another gift – Light matrix audio to transmute intensity

Another gift – Light matrix audio to transmute intensity

How have you been? Eid Mubarak to all of you.

“If you emanate loving kindness into the world- it changes everything.” – Eckhart Tolle.

How about using kindness to change the mass panic due to COVID? Curious? We invite you to join us to build a web of kindness around the world – to contribute towards easing the pandemic world-wide, especially in India.

Experience a beautiful exercise led by Nila, with waves of kindness, a calming Light Key frequency – link to the video at the end.

Extending our energetic support during the pandemic
A recent message which touched us:

“After listening to your video thrice my oxygen levels have become normal. Gratitude for this. Sending these to my mother in hospital and her levels are improving. Gratitude  Gratitude  Gratitude”

There are similar videos in Nila Mystic YouTube channel to support you during this pandemic. We would be very happy if any of the video(s) contribute to ease your situation – in any small way possible.

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Willing to transmute the intensity and density caused by war and pandemic?
 A recording from Nila – where she uses the powerful Light matrix to transmute the densities caused by the devastating war, in the middle east and the COVID pandemic world-wide. This is a gift to you from Nila.

Choose to experience a shift –  invite peace, as much as you can, in your universe by running this in the background for 21 days. You can even play it on mute and run it 24 x 7 in your home. Wishing you greater shifts.  Please share with as many people as possible so that together we create more light and lightness on the planet.

A gift from Nila to children around the world
What better way to move children from fear to empowerment than through a story?

Rocky Learns Magic is a light-hearted story of kindness to empower kids to release fear, shift their mood and behaviour. This story will be available in Kindle from 25th May 2021. You will be able to download this for free –  for 24 hours from launch date.

For your free copy, register via

Expert healer –  Level 1
Would you like to have additional magical tools to shift and change energy at your choice? If you are looking for immense self-healing and deep awakening for yourself and your clients – this is a course you wouldn’t want to miss.

When you choose this course, you will learn about vagus nerve activation, unification of pineal and pituitary glands and how to release linear programming and resonance to limitations, trapped memories, shadows and foreign entities from the bodies and how to reverse polarity with golden globe of kindness.

Choose to be empowered.

Ease the mass panic

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