Gifts of Magic

Gifts of Magic

Do you have little twinkle toes bubbling with energy and learning the ropes of handling enthusiasm, disappointment and emotions? Do you have clients nurturing them? Would you like to contribute to the little ones around the world? Nila brings out the first-ever book on Light keys – ROCKY LEARNS MAGIC 

It is a light hearted story of kindness to empower kids to release fear, shift their mood and behaviour. The launch date is 25th May. When you register, you get to download a free kindle edition within the first 24 hours of its launch! Bring magic to your life and the life of your little ones

Also, don’t forget to share this gift with all your loved ones too!

Receive free light key blessings
We have had an overwhelming response from people who experienced the joy of being blessed! We have 2 more blessing sessions coming your way. Register here

Creating lightness on the planet
Inspired by Nila, our Light Key Space Clearing practitioners did space clearing for Israel. The experience created a lot of steadfastness and lightness for the practitioners.
Check out the Advanced Light Key protocol for space clearing – Certified Course to create peace, prosperity and possibilities in your homes, and the homes of your clients too, should you choose!

If you are already a space clearing graduate, you can also check this call,
Decluttering the Body with Space Clearing. It has created ease with infection, inflammations and dis-eased bodies. Experiences have been profound when run on a loop.

“I am listening to decluttering body space class and going beyond time golden globe of kindness class recording one after other for last 3 nights. Sleep is much better, dreams are less. Mornings are much fresher. ��� Highly recommend this combination”

Would you like to get rid of the excess you have been carrying in your body and create ease? Improve energy flows and create more space? Check it here

Expert Healer Level 1 – Certified
Coming up is a super advanced class, the Expert Healer Level 1 – Certified. This class is power packed with techniques of activating the vagus nerve activation, unification of the pineal and pituitary glands, releasing limitations, releasing foreign elements and much more. Deepen your awakening and contribution to your clients.

Creating the Universe You Desire
Does life happen to you, or do you create it the way you would like to? If you would like ease of creation for your life, we invite you to join Nila as she shows you how you can go from struggle to ease, from failure to success, from auto pilot to conscious creation, in this workshop. only gets better. There is an early bird 10 % discount, when you register by 20th May.

Creation Secrets revealed here.

How would life be, if it flowed, full of laughter, joy and possibilities?
What if happiness spilled all around you? What if it was just an audio away? What if it was a gift to you? Would you receive and spread the love?

Nila gifted an audio Light Matrix Command to Change Density and Intensity to create lightness and laughter in your life and on the planet. It is an immense contribution to all in these times of strife. You can choose to play it on loop for 21 days. You can even play it 24/7, or on mute. Check it out . Share with your friends and spread the lightness.
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Conscious Relationships

Connecting with Light Beings
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What more magic can we create together?

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