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Diamond alignment

In a healing session today, my guides referred  to Diamond consciousness and asked me to pass on this info to the receiver… I thought I will  share it here as well so that some of you may benefit out of it. I felt a shift a few years back when I watched the 6 min …


How does it get any better than this?

woooo hooo…. Are you ready for a wild ride? Warning: If you have OCD for perfection, you will really find this hard as this article is likely to have all sorts of mistakes including and not limited to loads of typos 🙂 Apologies to people who are not familiar with Access Consciousness as I may …


My journey to meet John of God

My journey to meet John of God It was on May 30th I attended an workshop with Gail Thackeray I was inspired to take some action to meet John of God. Till then it was only on my wish list and did not think that it would ever come true. Having been so moved by the entities of Casa at the workshop, I decided …


St. Germain kept their promise

Perhaps, you won’t believe it but I wanted to share it with you anyway. In a youtube video I watched, St Germain (spiritual beings channeled by Ashamarae) promised that they will reveal themselves within 3 days to whoever hears that message. Still a skeptic, I kind of shrugged it off. At the end of the …


What is abundance?

What is abundance? Like many of us I I used to always relate abundance to material possessions. I worked my soul off to become financially independent so that I can pursue my other interests. I tried every technique I came across, every suggestion I heard from people. I felt so stuck and extremely frustrated as …


What is enlightenment?

What is enlightenment? I came across an interesting explanation on enlightenment. The video link is at the end of this post. However, I wanted to write my understanding here so that people who cannot watch the video could benefit out of reading this Enlightenment is ‘Liberation of senses from mind’. ie when you see/hear/smell etc, …


10 simple strategies to feel better

When you feel low, try any of the following strategies and feel better immediately: 1. Ask yourself ‘What if this situation changes magically as I desire?’ and write in detail how you will feel if it happens, how your environment will be, how your posture will be etc – use your imagination and write down …


Mother Mary’s Purple Diamond

One fine day when I was working in the cozy corner in my office, I saw a vision of Mother Mary with infant Jesus. Mother gave me a big Purple Diamond and said that she was very happy with me. You see, my visions are not physical. They are mental images and movies. Those were …


Satori and me

My spiritual guides spoke thro’ me for the first time in a trance workshop. My voice changed and I felt physically expanded when I was in trance. After the workshop I forgot all about them because I did not realize that they were my guides. Oneday, in the mediumship circle we were asked to meditate …

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