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Clearing audio for attracting relationship

How magical are you being? I am busy creating more and how does it get any better than that? What would it take for my creations to contribute more to you and the universe? Miracle Diary Oh, yes. I do keep creating magic and miracles – small and large. Wanted to share a funny little …


MP3 clearing audio for creating money with ease

How have you been? Thank you for the feedback some of you have been sending on the clearing audio. Very grateful. What magic can we create together? Miracle Diary Last week I wanted to attend a Tai Chi class and went to the venue by walk after the work only to find that the school …


Audio download for claiming all of you

How you be today? Did you enjoy the audio loop I sent last week? Are you playing it in the background? What is changing for you and your body? What magic are you choosing to create? I would love to hear from you. Miracle story For a few years now, I have noticed that people …


Clearing audio for more ease with bodies

How have you been? I have had a good week and I am grateful for all the contribution you have been for me. Many of you have gifted me your requests for the clearing loop and that propelled me to do a video! Wow! how does it get any better than this? There is a …


Gift of Clearing Loops

How you be today? Thank you for so many email responses appreciating my miracle stories. //Your dental healing story was so inspiring, I sent it to a few friends who I thought would appreciate it. You really are an inspiration and I am very grateful for your existence! // //I have missed you, I’m glad …


A Magical Healing Story

How you be today? As promised, I am getting busy and loving it! You have seen my miracle stories, right? I used to create lovely little magic on daily basis. As I shared in the last email, I had stopped being/creating that magic suddenly and went on my own roller coaster ride. I missed my …


Would anyone likes to have a free session?

How you be? It is really long time since I wrote to you, right? Did you ever wonder why? I was struggling – yes, I was. I can hear some of you saying ‘Oh..No…you are a facilitator. You can’t struggle’. What if the change we have been asking for shows up totally differently than we …


Weird and Wonderful!

Hi dear ones, Apologies for not writing for long! I went through a phase of not wanting to do anything. Thanks to Access Consciousness tools, went from that to this all of a sudden (From my FB status): //In one week I have done graphics work, prepared advt captions, facilitated sessions over phone, run hands …


Awareness is wealth

Dear friends, Happy new year to you all. Hope you had a great holiday season and gone back to work. I saw so many sad faces in the FB status about going back to work. What would it take for all of us to get paid for what we love to do? Did you enjoy …


Ask and Receive!

Dear friends, How have you been? I have been grand, making great changes for me and people who are willing to step up. What else is possible? A mother brought her son in his 20s to me to clear some addictive behaviour. We worked on clearing the entities and the guy was not willing to …

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